In May 2019, Mayor Kenney established City Resource Groups, or CRGs, through Executive Order 3-19. CRGs are one of the core employee engagement initiatives and a larger workforce DEI strategy within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI).

The CRGs are organized and supported groups of employees who share a common diversity characteristic or consider themselves an ally of a particular community. This can include but is not limited to: gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability status, ethnicity or race, sexual orientation, and veteran status. CRGs are designed to ultimately make the City of Philadelphia a more inclusive place to work. Now more than ever, it’s important to foster a sense of belonging within our workplaces. Studies show that company cultures with a high sense of belonging have seen a 56% increase in productivity and a 50% reduction in the risk of employee turnover, all while promoting a sense of psychological safety. All City Resource Groups must align with the three focus areas outlined in the City Resource Group Policy and Procedure Document. These focus areas include:

  • Networking: Allowing City employees an opportunity to interact with one another;
  • Talent Development: Creating opportunities for City employees to provide talent development to members;
  • Enhance Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and Initiatives: City Resource Groups must produce at least one annual initiative or strategy that focuses on building a more diverse and inclusive City of Philadelphia workforce.

Each of these groups has a leadership team that is made up entirely of City employees who volunteer their time to work in an elevated capacity within the resource groups. In addition to the leadership teams, each CRG has an executive sponsor who is a senior leader, department head, or cabinet member, who helps to provide mentorship to the leadership team and elevates any concerns expressed by the resource groups to the highest levels of City government. All CRG leadership teams are responsible for both planning and facilitating group meetings, in addition to developing a mission statement and annual goals. ODEI strives to instill a culture of positivity and authenticity within the entire CRG program and encourages employees to join who may be interested in connecting with other employees who can empathize with their unique experiences within the City of Philadelphia, and in life.

As of January 2023, the City has 6 CRGs, including:

  • Asian American & Pacific Islander
  • CRG for Latinidad
  • LGBTQ+
  • New & Expecting Parents
  • Women of Color
  • Young Professionals & Employees

The LGBTQ+ and Women of Color CRGs both developed year-in-review reports for 2022, highlighting the programs and speakers that were featured each month. These reports can be viewed below.

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