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City of Philadelphia

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Police Advisory Commission
990 Spring Garden Street, 7th Floor, Suite 705
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Police Advisory Commission accepts complaints against Philadelphia Police officers regarding incidents which occurred within 180 days of the time of filing.
Printable complaints forms are provided below for your convenience. Complaints outside the Commission's jurisdiction are forwarded to the appropriate agency for action.

The process is outlined below.  You must complete the forms and bring them, with a photo ID, to the Commission office (9-4 pm Monday - Friday) to formally file a complaint. 
  1. Complaint Form - State the nature of your complaint; include names/address/phone of any witnesses; Names/Badge numbers of officers, if known. Use this Continuation Form, if you need additional space.
  2. Sign and initial the Complaint Declaration Form. This form verifies that the information provided in the complaint is true, to the best of the complainant's knowledge.
  3. A Referral Authorization is required for the Commission to release information regarding the complaint to Internal Affairs, or other appropriate agencies. If the complainant does not wish to provide the information to agencies other that the commission, a Referral Declination is required.
  4. If the incident involves physical injuries which required medical treatment, a Medical Record Request is necessary.