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Division of Disease Control

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Are your children up-to-date with their shots?
Do you need treatment for TB or an STD?
Is your family prepared for a public health emergency?

We work to prevent, control and report on diseases and conditions that are contagious and/or affect the public’s health. We also help people to prepare for public health emergencies, and educate the community about how to stay safe and healthy.


Acute Communicable Disease Control »
Controls the spread of contagious diseases in Philadelphia.

Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness »
Develops and implements public health emergency response plans for Philadelphia.

Epidemiology »
Counts how many people are sick in Philadelphia with diseases that healthcare providers are required to report to the Department of Public Health.

Immunization »
Works to prevent vaccine-preventable disease among infants, children, adolescents, and adults in Philadelphia.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Control »
Works to improve the sexual health of Philadelphia by offering STD education, partner services, treatment follow-up and free condoms.

Tuberculosis Control »
Works to stop the spread of TB in Philadelphia by looking for people who have been diagnosed with TB and keeping track of their therapy.

Data and Reports »
Reports and disease trend data for download and use with attribution.

Health Bulletin
The Division of Disease Control publishes the Health Bulletin, a newsletter with easy-to-read stories about current health issues. The Health Bulletin is published in multiple languages.

Information for Healthcare Providers

We maintain the Health Information Portal (HIP), a website designed for the healthcare community. The HIP provides current information and resources on infectious disease and public health emergency preparedness topics for healthcare professionals. The site offers late-breaking news, epidemiological data, and in-depth guidelines for diagnosis and management of diseases and conditions. The HIP is also a source of information during a disease outbreak, public health emergency, or other event that may require action by healthcare professionals.

For questions about the Health Alert Network, or to sign up to receive alert messages, email the HAN Coordinator.