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Protecting Youth and Adults from Secondhand Smoke

Hear what restaurant workers say
about the Clean Indoor Air Law.
Philadelphia passed the landmark Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law in 2006, protecting Philadelphians from secondhand smoke exposure in restaurants, bars, and workplaces. Limiting secondhand smoke in other settings—particularly in places with many children and youth—is our next priority.

According to the US Surgeon General, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. It can cause cancer, make asthma worse, and lead to heart attacks. Youth are especially vulnerable and, in many cases, powerless in preventing exposure.

Our Action Plan

  • Educating childcare and foster care providers about the laws and regulations restricting indoor smoking and secondhand smoke exposure to children.
  • Working with schools, colleges, and recreation centers to plan and implement campus-wide smoke-free policies that include outdoor spaces.
  • Encouraging concerned residents to report restaurants that allow smoking in outdoor seating areas despite the local law that bars this practice.

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