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Saving Lives by Reducing Tobacco Use

We work to reduce smoking-related deaths by promoting aided quit attempts, increasing the price of cigarettes, and posting health warnings where tobacco products are sold.

Relative to other large cities in the US, cigarettes are a bargain in Philadelphia at $5.50 per pack. Because of the low price of cigarettes, adults continue to smoke and young people are more likely to start.

Increasing the price of cigarettes will provide a further incentive for adults and youth alike to attempt to quit. Encouraging people to quit with counseling and/or medications can triple their chances of quitting. Posting health warnings at the point of purchase is an effective way to inform smokers of the health effects from cigarette smoking.

Our Action Plan

  • Tracking tobacco use among youth and adults and identifying racial and socioeconomic disparities.
  • Quantifying tobacco-related mortality and health care costs.
  • Monitoring local, state, and federal tobacco legislation.
  • Assessing how increased cigarette prices would decrease smoking rates, health care costs, and lost productivity.


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