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Community Food Access and Affordability

Philadelphia adults consume fast food two or more times per week, and only 13% of children eat the recommended five or more fruit or vegetable servings per day.

In many communities, it is easier to find a bag of chips and a soda from a corner store than it is to find a fresh apple or low-fat milk.  Get Healthy Philly aims to make it easier and more affordable for Philadelphians in all communities to eat healthy. 

Our Action Plan
  • Develop a network of over 600 corner stores that sell and market healthy foods and beverages, and pilot test a citywide certification program.
  • Market and sustain 10 new farmers' markets in low-income communities.
  • Increase the purchasing power of SNAP (food stamp) recipients through Philly Food Bucks, which provides $2 of free fruits and vegetables for every $5 of SNAP benefits spent at participating farmers’ markets. 
  • Incentivize healthy food sales and production through zoning and planning with the revamped Philadelphia2035 comprehensive plan.
  • Reduce sodium levels by 10-15% in 100 Chinese take-out restaurants in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Encourage all of Philadelphia birthing hospitals to implement strategies that support and promote breastfeeding. 
2011-12 Achievements
  • Enrolled 630 stores in the Healthy Corner Store Network, creating greater access to fresh, healthy products for 220,000 residents.
  • Increased SNAP sales at farmers’ markets by 390% from July 2010 (when the program began) to December 2011.
  • Between July 2010 and March 2012, distributed 61,141 Philly Food Bucks at farmers’ markets, recreation centers, WIC offices, food pantries, churches, community groups and local events. 
  • On December 22, 2011, passed the New Zoning Code, Bill No. 110845, that established provisions encouraging healthy eating.
  • Piloted seven healthy carts in communities with limited access to healthy foods, high levels of poverty, and low car ownership.
  • Started all of our Philadelphia's birthing hospitals on the pathway to implementing the evidence-based Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.

2011-2012 Annual Report



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For more information, visit Food Fit Phillly or call 311.