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Tobacco Pricing and Norms

Philadelphia’s cigarette tax ($2 per pack) helps make the cost of tobacco products comparable to other large cities and also supports Philadelphia schools.

Pennsylvania’s state tax on tobacco products and electronic smoking devices will also help reduce smoking rates. There remains a large disparity between the price of other tobacco products, such as cigar-type products, and cigarettes. Higher prices for tobacco products:

  • Prevent youth from starting to smoke
  • Motivate people to quit smoking, especially low-income smokers
  • Reduce the number of cigarettes consumed by smokers


On average, for every 10% increase in the price of tobacco, there is a 2%-4% decrease in use among the general population and a 4%-6% decrease in use among youth and young adults.

Tobacco use is more than just a “personal choice” and is driven by physical, social and economic environments that can promote tobacco use. These environments can be re-shaped by social norm changes, policy and mass media to make being tobacco-free the new norm and an easier choice for Philadelphians to make.

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For more information, visit SmokeFree Philly or call 311.