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Ambulatory Health Services (Health Centers)

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The Philadelphia Department of Public Health operates 8 City health centers that provide high-quality medical care to Philadelphia residents.

Our health centers are located in neighborhoods all across Philadelphia. Our doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care providers work hard to keep you and your family healthy.

Notice of Breach of Health Information at Health Center #6

On June 2, 2015, AHS learned of a breach of health information affecting some individuals who received services from the Health Center #6 Patient Assistance Program (“PAP”) between January 2009 and June 2, 2015.

On July 27, 2015, letters explaining the incident were mailed to the patients affected by the breach. If you did not receive a letter but believe you received services from the Health Center #6 PAP program during this period, you can find more information by clicking below on the link that applies to you:

  • If you received assistance from the Health Center #6 Patient Assistance Program (“PAP”) between January 2009 and December 2013, click here
  • Si ha recibido asistencia del Programa de Asistencia para Pacientes (“PAP”) del Centro de Salud n.º 6 entre el enero de 2009 y diciembre de 2013, haga clic aquí
  • If you received assistance from the Health Center #6 Patient Assistance Program (“PAP”) between January 5, 2015 and June 2, 2015, click here.
  • Si ha recibido asistencia del Programa de Asistencia para Pacientes  “PAP”) del Centro de Salud n.º 6 entre el 5 de enero de 2015 y 2 de junio de 2015, haga clic aquí.

Questions? AHS has a dedicated toll-free number you can call to speak with the AHS Privacy Officer: 1-888-766-2680.


City health centers accept Medicare, Medicaid (Medical Assistance) and most insurance and HMO plans. If you are uninsured, we charge a small fee based on family size and income.

We can help you apply for health insurance you can afford.

As a registered patient, you will get your own personal doctor. It's a much better way to get medical care than going from doctor to doctor or rushing to the emergency room when something goes wrong.

  • diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses
  • medical check-ups and medications for enrolled patients
  • prenatal care
  • family planning and pregnancy options counseling
  • comprehensive pediatric care for infants, children and teens
  • immunizations for infants, children and teens
  • children's developmental assessments
  • healthy weight nutrition counseling for children and teens
  • nutrition counseling and health education
  • flu shots
  • HIV, STD, and STI testing
  • basic dental care, emergency dental care
  • lab tests, x-rays and tests for tuberculosis
  • referrals to specialty services for enrolled patients
  • social work support that connects patients to follow-up care, education/counseling and other services

Some services are available on a walk-in basis.

HealthCenterConnect (Patient Portal)
Patients of our health centers can now access information about their care, appointments and education online using our secure portal. Sign up for an account at your health center and access HealthCenterConnect Patient Portal at the link below.

Services for non-English speakers

We offer translation and interpretation services in City health centers for patients and their families.

Notice of Privacy Practices

City Health Centers

Health Center 2 »
Constitution Health Plaza
1930 South Broad Street, Unit #14
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Health Center 3 »
555 S. 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Health Center 4 »
4400 Haverford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Health Center 5 »
1900 N 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Health Center 6 »
301 West Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Health Center 9 »
131 E. Chelten Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Health Center 10 »
2230 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Strawberry Mansion Health Center »
2840 Dauphin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Community Health Centers

Philadelphia residents can also get medical care at many community health centers throughout the city. Browse by neighborhood to find more health centers near you.