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Environmental Health Services

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Body Art/Tattoo/Piercing Program

We conduct routine sanitation/safety inspections of all licensed shops that provide tattooing, body piercing, and permanent make-up services in Philadelphia. We cease operations at non-licensed shops as we are made aware of them.

We also issue and maintain records of all certified body artists and apprentices in Philadelphia and offer bloodborne pathogens training classes for artists/apprentices.

Body Artist/Apprentice Certification

There are two ways to become a Philadelphia certified body artist:

  1. Provide legal documentation (i.e. tax records, publication of your work) that you were practicing
    fulltime prior to 2002.
  2. Apprentice under a Philadelphia certified body artist in a licensed Philadelphia shop as follows:
    • 3 years for tattooing (body and permanent makeup)
    • 1.5 years for body piercing