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Sexual Transmission of Zika

Some women and men have been infected with Zika by having unprotected sex with a Zika-infected partner. It is recommended that anyone who thinks they might have Zika should use condoms or other barriers for all types of sex (vaginal, anal, and oral). Not sharing sex toys also can reduce spread of the virus. Women who can become pregnant should consider other, additional types of birth control.

To protect the baby, pregnant women with a partner who traveled to a country with Zika should use condoms or other oral barriers during sex until the baby is born. For non-pregnant women, safe sex precautions should be used for eight weeks following their return from a country with Zika. For males who traveled or anyone who has a male partner who traveled, condoms need to be used for six months following return from travel.

CDC: Zika and Sexual Transmission

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