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Chronic Disease

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Community Food Access and Affordability

Philadelphia adults consume fast food two or more times per week, and only 13 percent of children eat the recommended five or more fruit or vegetable servings per day.

In many communities, it is easier to find a bag of chips and a soda from a corner store than it is to find a fresh apple or low-fat milk.

Get Healthy Philly works to make it easier and more affordable for Philadelphians in all communities to eat healthy.

Our recent community-based initiatives include:

We also measure walkable access to healthy food to guide our work, and work with government and institutional partners to provide healthy food in youth programming, health care settings, and city-funded food service.

Healthy Corner Stores
Farmers' Markets and Philly Food Bucks
Healthy Chinese Take-Out
  • Success Stories: Healthy Foods in Communities

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    For more information, visit Food Fit Philly or call 311.