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Lead and Healthy Homes Program

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Health Care Providers

Medical professionals can help to reduce exposure to lead poisoning and other home-based hazards.

All children in Philadelphia should be screened for lead at ages 12 and 24 months or at 36-72 months if there is no proof of prior of screening.

Foreign-born children residing in Philadelphia (refugees and immigrants) should be tested within 60 days of arrival and again at three months after arrival, regardless of age, up to age six years. Follow-up all lead screenings greater than or equal to 5mcg/dl. Discharge from tracking of venous BLL once patient has two consecutive BLLs <5 μg/dL.

Clinicians should be familiar with the most common sources of lead poisoning and be prepared to provide strategies to prevent lead exposure.

The Lead and Healthy Homes Program has a fulltime program nurse who is available to provide consultation with medical professionals:

Lead and Healthy Homes Program Nurse
Monica Crippen, RN 

Resources for Clinicians