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PDPH Achieves National Accreditation
Joins elite group of 96 health departments.
Demonstrating our capacity and commitment to protect and promote the health of all Philadelphians.

Support for New Food Businesses
Planning to open a restaurant or other eatery?
We’re here to help business owners understand the process of starting a new food business in Philadelphia.

Village Green Air Monitoring Station
New solar-powered station at 6th and Arch.
The innovative station measures ozone, fine particles in the air, temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction.

Community Health Assessment
The health of the city.
An overview of data on infant mortality, HIV, STDs, obesity, smoking, air quality, asthma, access to care, and more.

Philly Public Health Blog
Pulling back the curtain on what we do.
Our new blog tells the public health stories you won’t find anywhere else in Philadelphia.

Get Healthy Philly
A groundbreaking public health initiative.
Get Healthy Philly works to help Philadelphians enjoy long, productive lives free from disease, disability and premature death.


What's New

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Lead poisoning, Flint, and Philadelphia.

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What it means for you and your family.

Strategic Plan 2015 Progress Report »
Progress in achieving our plan’s objectives.

Winter Health Bulletin >>
Alzheimer’s Disease and Latinos, preparing for doctor’s appointments, and more.