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Tobacco Pricing and Norms

In Philadelphia, a pack of cigarettes costs under $6, while prices exceed $8 in Chicago and $11 in New York City because of local taxes levied on top of federal and state taxes.

Price is a particularly strong predictor of smoking among youth and low-income populations. On average, for every 10% increase in the price of tobacco, there is a 2-4% decrease in use among the general population and a 4-6% decrease in use among youth and young adults.

Learn how increasing cigarette taxes can help to reduce the number of people who smoke.

Our Action Plan
  • Assess the impact of increased cigarette prices on smoking, healthcare costs, and productivity.
  • Encourage youth to become leaders in tobacco control policy change through youth engagement and photo-documentation.
  • Engage City residents in civic dialogues to assess support for diverse tobacco control policies.  

2011-12 Achievements
  • Through economic modeling, it was discovered that a $2 per pack price increase would cut the adult smoking rate in half by 2050 and save over $100 million in annual healthcare and productivity costs.
  • Five civic dialogues were held on tobacco use in Philadelphia, finding that participants emphasized the need to protect children and to help people make healthy choices.
  • A citywide student video contest was organized to spur community-generated videos depicting the impact of smoking on Philadelphia residents and communities
  • Completed a PhotoVoice online photo-documentary exhibit on how tobacco use and promotion affect Philadelphians' everyday lives.
  • An assessment was conducted which showed, in early analysis, that over 90% of chain convenience stores, gas stations and chain pharmacies display indoor and/or outdoor tobacco advertising.


2011-2012 Annual Report


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For more information, visit SmokeFree Philly or call 311.