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Clean Indoor and Outdoor Air

Philadelphia passed the landmark Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law in 2006, protecting Philadelphians from secondhand smoke exposure in restaurants, bars and workplaces.

According to the US Surgeon General, there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. It can cause cancer, make asthma worse, and lead to heart attacks. Youth are especially vulnerable and, in many cases, powerless in preventing exposure. Outdoor tobacco smoke levels may also be as high as secondhand smoke indoors, especially in close proximity to smokers.

Our Action Plan
  • Decrease the number of bars with waivers from the Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law through administrative review and enforce clean indoor air policies in casinos.
  • Implement a smoke-free policy in City-owned recreation spaces, and educate youth, adult patrons, and staff through signage, wallet cards, and educational sessions.
  • Promote smoke-free campus policies for colleges, universities, and workplaces through technical assistance and policy education.  
  • Promote smoke-free policies for homes and childcare settings through technical assistance and education.  

2011-12 Achievements
  • On May 23, 2011, Mayor Nutter signed an executive order making all City-owned recreation centers, playgrounds, and outdoor pools smoke-free.
  • The number of bars with waivers from Philadelphia's smoke-free law decreased from 80 to 65, and waiver compliance of the remaining 65 locations were assessed.
  • The Board of Health voted to give the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) authority to enforce the state smoke-free law in local casinos.
  • One large employer adopted a 100% smoke-free policy.
  • Through seminars, workshops, and in-service days, 765 family day care/home-based childcare providers, commercial childcare providers, center-based childcare providers, and foster care providers were reached.
  • Established partnership with the Early Childhood Education Linkage System to promote its secondhand smoke course to Philadelphia childcare providers.

2011-2012 Annual Report


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For more information, visit SmokeFree Philly or call 311.