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Maternal, Child & Family Health

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Health Education Materials

We design our health education materials to meet the diverse
cultural and language needs of the Philadelphia communities
we serve. Our materials are easy to read, and our translations
reflect the way that people really speak.

All materials are suitable for teens and adults. Most materials
are available in multiple languages.

Our materials can be used by medical providers, home visitors
and health educators, as well as by individuals, parents and
families. Many are also ideal for clinic waiting rooms and other
community settings.

Selected materials can be downloaded free from this site.
These and other materials can also be purchased from our
catalog on superior, finished paper stock.

Materials for Download

Expecting a baby? We can help.
Having a baby? You need more iron.

Healthy Foods, Healthy Baby

My birth plan: A guide to help me get ready to have my baby

My breastfeeding plan

Pregnancy and your teeth: A guide for dental care when you are pregnant

Preterm labor: what you need to know

Who needs folic acid?

Tips for a healthy weight (information flyers for children)

For materials about breastfeeding, click here.