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Maternal, Child & Family Health

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Prenatal Outreach and Education

We help high-risk pregnant and parenting women in Northeast Philadelphia begin prenatal care or follow through with post-partum care.


Maternity Care Coalition (MOMobile)

Why Do You Need Prenatal Care?

You should start prenatal care as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you think you might be pregnant, you can find out for sure by going to a health center for a pregnancy test.

Each pregnancy is different, so you should get prenatal care with every pregnancy, even if you have been pregnant before.

When you enroll in prenatal care, you will get regular medical check-ups to make sure your baby is growing and healthy. At every visit, you will receive important health screenings that can help prevent or treat health problems before they become serious. You can also receive social work support to help you prepare for your baby.

Your health care provider can talk to you about:
Women should take care of their health all the time, not just when they are pregnant. Health care before and between pregnancies will address medical conditions that can affect your baby if you become pregnant.