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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sanitation and Safety

A member of my family is a diabetic. I have a large supply of used syringes. How can I safely dispose of these needles?

Several options exist for the safe disposal of these items. While Pennsylvania's medical waste regulations do not apply to individuals, Philadelphia residents are expected to follow the established disposal procedures for syringes. Residents should either store used syringes in a hard plastic soda bottle or coffee can. Once either container if full, it should be wrapped tightly in newspaper, tied, and then placed in the residential trash container.

Another option: dispensing physicians could agree to dispose of their diabetic patients' old syringes in the approved containers that physicians are required to have. Ask your doctor if this is a possibility.

Someone dumped a bunch of used needles near my property. Who can I call to report them?

Call the Office of Environmental Engineering at 215-685-7342.

I am building a new home and city sewers are not available. What can I do?

You can request an evaluation and test to determine if your property can handle an on-lot sewage disposal system. Call the Office of Environmental Engineering at 215-685-7342 to request an application for the evaluation and testing process. The fee for this process is $500, payable by check when you submit your application to the Environmental Engineering Office.