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Environmental Health Services

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Body Art/Tattoo/Piercing Program
  • We conduct routine sanitation/safety inspections of all shops that provide tattooing, piercing, and cosmetic makeup.
  • We respond to and cease all operations at non-licensed shops when specific locations of these operations can be obtained.
  • We issue and maintain records of all Certified Artists and Apprentices.
  • We offer Bloodborne Pathogens training classes for body artists.

Body Artist/Apprentice Certification

There are two ways to become a Philadelphia Certified Body Artist:

  1. You can provide legal documentation (i.e. tax records, publication of your work) that you were practicing prior to 2002.
  2. You can apprentice under a Philadelphia Certified Body Artist in a Philadelphia Certified Shop for the following designated time spans:
    • 3 years for tattooing (body and cosmetic makeup)
    • 1.5 years for body piercing