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Mold Problems

We do not conduct inspections for mold. The following information may be helpful if you have a problem with mold.

Why do I have mold in my home?
  • Mold is a naturally occurring organism in our environment.
  • It exists as microscopic spores, in the air we breathe.
  • Mold growth in your home usually occurs when some of the naturally occurring spores in the air, land on a moist spot, which provides a growing medium for them.
What can I do to stop mold from growing in my home?

Determine if there is excess water/moisture in your home by asking yourself:

  • Do you have a leaky roof?
  • Do you see bubbling in any walls or ceilings in your home?
  • Do you see any water damage on walls or ceilings in your home?
  • Do you know of a pipe that is cracked, leaking or broken in your home?
  • Does water come into your home when it rains? If so, where?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you have located the cause of your mold growth.

I've repaired the cause of the excess water/moisture in my home, now how do I clean up the mold?
  • A small area contaminated with mold can be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner of your choice.
  • If the area is large, you may consider removing the moldy areas and replacing them with new material.
Where can I report a leaking roof, cracked wall, missing window, plumbing issue or other structural problem that can lead to excess water and promote mold growth?

Please contact Philly311 or call 3-1-1 (215-686-8686).


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