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What the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is Doing
Zika PHPH Doing

We are working with other City departments, neighborhood associations, community groups, and health care providers to distribute information to Philadelphia residents on how to prevent Zika and reduce mosquito problems in the City.

Throughout mosquito season, our staff sets mosquito traps all over the city to test if any of the mosquitoes are carrying diseases and to see where we should work to reduce their numbers.

We also work with area health care providers to identify and test Philadelphia residents who have or may have Zika, including women who are pregnant. Our staff investigate where and how these individuals were exposed to this infection and remind these cases to avoid mosquito bites. The different programs involved with our Zika response use this information to help control and prevent Zika from spreading in Philadelphia.   

PDPH’s Zika prevention efforts aim to educate residents who are most at risk for being exposed to Zika or could have complications of infection:

If you are interested in having health department staff give a presentation, write an article, or you would like to obtain educational materials, please contact the Acute Communicable Disease Program, Division of Disease Control, at:

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