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KIDS Plus Immunization Information System

KIDS Plus Immunization Information System (IIS), operated by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, is an electronic tracking system for health care providers to retrieve and store patients’ immunization records. KIDS Plus IIS (also known as the KIDS Registry) is a secure and confidential system that collects immunization information for Philadelphians of all ages. Health care professionals and patients can be assured that their immunization records will be available to them for years to come.

Philadelphia Health Code § 6-210, regulated by the Board of Health, requires all medical providers in Philadelphia to report all immunizations given to all patients to KIDS Plus IIS.

Request an Immunization Record

You may request an immunization record for yourself or your child. Proper identification is required with each request.

KIDS Plus IIS can give you an official immunization record for admission to daycare, camp, or school. KIDS Plus IIS records will show immunizations that were administered by healthcare providers in the city of Philadelphia. These records are always free.

Please complete and submit this form with the proper identification to request a patient’s immunization record from KIDS Plus IIS.