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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

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The Philadelphia Department of Public Health works hard to prevent childhood lead poisoning. When lead hazards are found in a home, we order the owner to remediate (repair or correct) those hazards.

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program offers training and assistance for these lead hazard control efforts. Owner-occupants can perform this work in their own home. We offer free training each month to help owners understand how to safely remediate lead hazards. Landlords are required to use a PA-certified lead abatement contractor to perform this work.

Property owners who do not complete the required lead hazard control activities at the home are referred to the Law Department for enforcement. This includes appearing before a judge in “Lead Court." These Common Pleas Court hearings are held in City Hall, Room 446. For questions about enforcement, please contact the Law Department at 215-685-5396.



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