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About the Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Public Health is to protect the health of all Philadelphians and to promote an environment that allows us to lead healthy lives. We provide services, set policies, and enforce laws that support the dignity of every man, woman and child in Philadelphia.

William Penn
Public Health in Philadelphia

The history of public health in Philadelphia reaches back to the city's beginnings. William Penn's "greene countrie towne" was the first American city to provide free hospital care for its poorest residents at the Philadelphia Almshouse, built in 1732. Our city is home to the nation’s first medical school, children's hospital, cancer hospital, eye hospital, nursing school and dental school.

Our Services

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is organized by the divisions listed in the gray box to the right. Each division is responsible for providing services related to its name. Some services are provided by more than one division.

Our Partners

We are proud to support a broad network of community, hospital, academic and business partners throughout Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. We work together to make Philadelphia a healthy place to live, work and play.

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