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City of Philadelphia

Organizational Chart

Greg Vrato, Esquire Chief of Staff

  • Training Academy
  • Policy & Audit
  • PREA Coordinator
  • Office of Professional Compliance
  • Use of Force Review

Terence Clark, Deputy Commissioner Operations

  • Food Services
  • Maintenance and U.S. Facilities
  • Commissary 
  • Honor Guard
  • Environmental Protection
  • Transportation
  • Facilities Operations: CFCF, RCF, DC, HOC, PICC, ASD
  • Emergency Operations: Emergency Preparedness, Corr. Emerg. Response Team, Fire Unit

Herdman, Chief of Medical Operations

  • Prison Health Services: Dental Services, Hospital Care, Laboratory Services, Optometry Services, Pharmacy Services
  • Specialist Services
  • Quality Oversight 
  • 3rd Party Administrator Services

Tomaszewski, Deputy Commissioner Administration

  • Classification, Movement, & Registration
  • Management Information Services
  • Staff Deployment 
  • Housing Unit 
  • Assignment Plan
  • Inmate Discipline 
  • Inmate Telephone System Operation
  • Human Resources: Personnel, Payroll, Safety, Labor Relations, Staff Discipline
  • Administrative Services: Business & Accounting, Operational Budget, Operational Budget

Terrell Bagby

  • Social and Vocational Services
  • RISE
  • Chaplaincy Services
  • Pennypack House School & Education
  • PHILACOR Industries
  • Employer Engagement
  • PDP-TV
  • Volunteer Services
  • Psychology


To provide a secure correctional environment that adequately detains persons accused or convicted of illegal acts; to provide programs, services, and supervision in a safe, lawful, clean, humane environment; and to prepare incarcerated persons for reentry into society in a frame of mind that will facilitate their becoming law-abiding citizens.