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City of Philadelphia

House of Correction

The original House of Correction (HOC), which opened in 1874, was razed in 1925, and the same materials were used to construct, on the original site, a “new" HOC, which opened in 1927.
Planned to incarcerate misdemeanants, HOC was built without perimeter walls and without observation towers. The design of the facility is based on the "wheel-and-spoke" design first seen with the construction of Eastern State Penitentiary in 1829. A central rotunda provides access to six two-tiered cellblocks, which radiate from the rotunda like spokes from a wheel and also provides access to an additional two-tiered cellblock (G-Wing). The cellblocks contain a total of 666 cells. The House of Correction houses inmates whom have been classified as either medium or minimum custody level. Inmates who are housed at the House of Correction have the option to participate in the Pennypack School House Program. In addition to schooling HOC offers other elective activities such as the OPTION program which is a group therapy program. In addition to the latter, HOC offers inmates a chance to participate in the PLATO program. The PLATO program teaches Inmates thru the use of computers. Religious programs are held at HOC and inmates have the ability to study religion.