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City of Philadelphia

Alternative & Special Detention

The Alternative and Special Detention (ASD) division is comprised of Central Unit and several satellite facilities, some located on the PDP campus and others located in community settings in Philadelphia.
These facilities house minimum- and community-custody men and women; inmates serving sentences on weekends, work release inmates and others. ASD inmates may be selected by the PDP or ordered by the courts to participate in the work-release program. The goal of this program is to decrease recidivism by fostering employment. Some inmates sentenced to the work-release program continue in the jobs they had prior to incarceration, and the PDP works to establish employment opportunities for others in a wide variety of professions, including food services, telemarketing, and dry cleaning. In addition to allowing inmates to gain valuable work experience and helping to ease their transition back into the community, the work-release program generates revenues for the City as inmates employed in the community are required to contribute 16 percent of their gross pay toward room and board. Psychological, social, and substance abuse treatment services; literacy instruction; and day and evening GED-preparation classes are provided by the PDP. Through contract with the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition, the Cambria Employment Project provides services including orientation and assessment; vocational training and education aimed at development of job-readiness skills; parenting, spirituality, and creative arts programming; as well as discharge planning and aftercare.

Inmate Access

as of April 1, 2019, ASD inmate visits will take place at the Detention Center, at 8201 State Rd. from Monday-Friday.  
Visits will be according to the inmate’s last name as indicated in the “visiting days” content box on this page.

Inmates must obtain prior approval for clothing exchanges. Approved exchanges will be accepted only during visiting hours.

Alternative & Special Detention (ASD)
8101 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(215) 685-8309