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City of Philadelphia



Are the homeless only those people that I see on the street sleeping on grates?

Anyone can become homeless; it can be you or your neighbor or anyone who has lost a job or has come up on bad times.

What is the root cause of homelessness?

There are a lot of reasons why an individual may experience homelessness; however, there are societal problems that hinder individuals’ ability to gain affordable housing and a living wage. Some root causes of homelessness are:
  • Poverty from a lack of good jobs
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Lack of affordable healthcare
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Illness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Discharge from institutions i.e. prisons without appropriate planning.

Prevention Services

If I need assistance with paying my mortgage where do I call or where do I go?

For mortgage assistance please contact a Housing Retention Program

If I need assistance with paying my rent or utilities where do I call or where do I go?

For rent or utilities assistance please contact the Homeless Prevention Program in your community.

Supportive Housing Centers

Who can I call if I am homeless or need a place to stay?

If you are a single adult male you should go to the Roosevelt Darby Center located at 802 N. Broad Street open Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm. The number is 215-685-3700 or 3701.

Single females and Families with children may go to 1430 Cherry Street M-F from 7:00am – 3pm their number is 215-686-7150 or 51. If you are in need of emergency housing services after 4pm and on the weekends; families with children should go to Salvation Army Red Shield located at 715 N. Broad Street. The number is 215-787-2887. Single women should go to House of Passage located at the 48th and Haverford Avenue. The number is 267-713-7778.

Do you need to go to a different place when you are a single adult or if you are with a family that has children?

Yes, if you are a single male you can only be served at the Roosevelt Darby Center. Families and single women are served at the Apple Tree Center after-hours.