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City of Philadelphia

Faith Based Initiatives

Contact Information

Mayor’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives
Land Title Building
100 S. Broad Street
Suite 300
Phila, PA 19110

Phone: (215) 686-3905

MFL: 15th Street Station for City Hall
As the primary liaison between the Office of the Mayor and Philadelphia's diverse communities of faith and their leaders, MOFI is committed to engaging faith organizations in the daily activities of City government.
MOFI functions as a key consultant on matters of faith, and liaises with diverse faith communities on behalf of the Mayor, to promote value-added participation in the activities of local government that enhances quality of life in the city. MOFI mutually translates the nuances of government and our rich traditions of faith while advocating on behalf of our shared values and commitments.


Rev. Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd
Interim Director

Tanya Haynesworth
Administrative Assistant