Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating!

I am pleased to wish you a peaceful and joyous celebration of Eid al-Fitr this week. During Ramadan, you exercised many religious and social practices like fasting, prayer, almsgiving, volunteering in your communities, and visits to family members and friends.

I hope and pray that the self-sacrifice, worship, and fruits of these good deeds enrich your life. I congratulate you on successfully completing them during the holy month.

This year marks the first in our city’s history that the School District of Philadelphia will recognize the Eid as an official holiday. This was the result of advocacy by the Philadelphia Eid Coalition and other leaders within our Muslim community over the last few years.

I’m overjoyed that Muslim families will be able to celebrate with loved ones and that more of our schoolchildren will come to know the meaning of Ramadan because of this important action.

As you gather this week for fellowship, please remember to practice COVID-19 precautions like getting vaccinated, keeping social distance, wearing a mask, and washing hands regularly. While this is a time of great celebration, we must also be cautious and protect our community from COVID-19.

Peace and blessings,

Jim Kenney