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Office of Children and Families

Our vision

Our vision is to improve outcomes for all Philadelphia’s children, families, and adults and to reimagine a more inclusive and equitable world where children are safe, families are strong, and communities have access to strong schools, libraries, recreation and public parks.

Learn about our efforts to improve outcomes for all Philadelphia children and families, build stronger communities, and support great schools and public spaces in every neighborhood.

Safe children

The Office of Children and Families (OCF) oversees the Department of Human Services (DHS). This department:

  • Responds to reports of child abuse and neglect.
  • Answers the child abuse hotline.
  • Manages in-home supports as well as foster care services.
  • Provides services for youth in the juvenile justice system.

Strong families

OCF helps families to safely care for their children. Our programs include:

These programs promote academic success,  support college and career readiness, and allow caregivers to participate in the workforce or go back to school.

Supported schools and communities

Schools, public parks, recreation centers, and libraries support children’s development and wellbeing, and are at the heart of strong communities.

In partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, OCF works with families to help children come to school ready to learn. We administer quality Out-of-School Time programs, which offer opportunities that align with the school district’s educational goals.

The office also oversees Philadelphia’s community schools, which address a neighborhood’s unique challenges within a public school setting. They’re supported by:

  • Community resources.
  • Expanded City services.
  • Engaged families and neighbors.