Out-of-School Time (OST)

Connecting families with after school, weekend, and summer programs for Philadelphia children and youth.


Out-of-School Time (OST) is the time that a child or youth spends outside of the traditional school day. In Philadelphia, OST programs are provided for young people in grades pre-K through 12. These programs are offered:

  • Before and after school.
  • On weekends and holidays.
  • During the summer.

OST is important because it:

  • Supports working parents and caregivers.
  • Benefits a child’s academic, social, and personal development.
  • Helps children stay safe and avoid high-risk behaviors.

Programs are available throughout the city with a variety of activities to choose from, including:


1515 Arch St.
5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Email ost@phila.gov
Out-of-School Time (OST)

After School and Summer Program Locator

Use the program locator to search for available OST programs.

Finding an OST program

To look for a program, use the After School and Summer Program Locator.

OST programs are offered for children and youth in grades pre-K through 12. Using the locator, you can search for programs that suit a specific age range. You can also narrow your results by ZIP code, keyword, price, and other factors.

When you're ready to apply, contact the programs directly.

Space is limited, so you’re encouraged to sign up early.

Families who are receiving services from the Department of Human Services (DHS) are given priority for DHS-funded OST programs. Contact your case manager or call (215) 683-5638 for information on how to sign up.