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Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives

The Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives supports all Department of Commerce units with policy initiatives, business advocacy, communications, data, research, and strategy. This unit also works to make it easier to do business and increase access to information through improved internal coordination.

What we do

The Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives works to improve the ease of doing business by:

  • Leveraging economic research to drive policy and strategy.
  • Engaging the business community and partners on pending legislation.
  • Facilitating improvements with City departments.
  • Enhancing inclusive communications and marketing.
  • Centralizing internal evaluation, data analysis, reporting, and governance.

How we work

Our office supports local businesses and other units within Commerce. To do this, we focus on four areas of practice.

Policy and strategy

As part of our policy and strategy work, we:

  • Ensure that the goals of Philadelphia’s economic development initiatives are represented in City policy development.
  • Establish the department as a resource for policymakers, City departments, and external stakeholders.
  • Work with stakeholders to better understand the impact of pending legislation.

Business advocacy

As part of our business advocacy work, we:

  • Partner with City departments and businesses to improve City processes and initiatives.
  • Provide feedback from businesses to City departments for policy, strategy, and regulatory changes.

Data and analysis

As part of our data and analysis work, we:

  • Identify areas for improvement within all programs and resources.
  • Serve as a resource for policymakers by researching the impacts of legislation on neighborhood businesses and workers.
  • Provide market research to take advantage of economic development and business attraction opportunities.

Communications and marketing

As part of our communications and marketing work, we:

  • Ensure that department communications are inclusive, human-centered, and easy to understand.
  • Increase engagement with the public, media relations, and creative marketing strategies.
  • Support Philadelphia’s business community with resources, outreach, education, and storytelling.