Residents and businesses operating in the City of Philadelphia can now file and pay fees and all City taxes on the Philadelphia Tax Center. The City launched Phase 2 of its new tax filing and payment website on Monday, October 3rd, completing the two-year Tax Center project. Phase 1 was launched on November 1, 2021, but the City couldn’t move all its taxes to the new system at the time.

Today, we’re announcing that the following taxes have joined a long list of business taxes currently available in the Tax Center:

  • Real Estate Tax
  • Use and Occupancy Tax
  • Realty Transfer Tax
  • Hospital Tax
  • Parking Tax
  • Valet Parking Tax
  • Hotel Tax
  • Amusement Tax
  • Coin-operated Tax (or Mechanical Amusement Tax)
  • Vehicle Rental Tax
  • Outdoor Advertising Tax
  • Commercial Trash Fee (also known as Refuse Collection Fee)
  • Police Fees
  • Agency Receivable Fees (or L & I fees)

Eights taxes with new filing and payment requirements

The October launch changes how you file and pay the Use & Occupancy Tax, Parking Tax, Valet Parking Tax, Hotel Tax, Amusement Tax, Mechanical Amusement Tax, Vehicle Rental Tax, and Outdoor Advertising Tax. These taxes can ONLY be filed and paid electronically from now on. We have updated our online Tax Center guide with helpful tips about this and other tax-related changes.

Pay as a guest

The fastest way to pay City taxes and fees is through the Philadelphia Tax Center. You can pay electronically without creating a Tax Center login profile or a username and password. Using the Letter ID found at the top of your bill makes paying online easier. Just select “Make a payment”, under the “Payments” panel from the Tax Center’s homepage, and pick “Yes” to pay a current year’s bill.

Nevertheless, creating a username and password unlocks your access to additional features and flexibility. For example, creating a username and password allows property owners or anyone managing multiple properties to access and manage all properties from a single dashboard. This way, you can view and manage all taxes and fees associated with each property without switching accounts or logging in and out.

Now you can apply for property assistance on the Tax Center

Qualifying Philadelphians can now use the Philadelphia Tax Center to easily apply for Real Estate Tax assistance programs. This is the fastest and most convenient way to complete and submit your application to the Homestead ExemptionLongtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP), Senior Citizen Tax Freeze, and Owner-occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA). You do not need a username and password to apply to these programs through the Tax Center. This website is also available on tablets and mobile phones. You can easily upload photos of any documentation you may need to submit.