The Department of Revenue this week mailed notices to property owners about overdue Real Estate Taxes. If you missed the deadline, your bill already includes extra charges. It will continue to increase 1.5% each month.

Ignoring our letter will only make things worse:

  • Your account can be sent to a collection agency;
  • A lien can be placed against on your property, and legal fees added to your bill;
  • Eventually, you could lose your property at a Sheriff Sale.

Yet, you can shut the door on extra charges and the risk of the tax foreclosure.

Paying in full is the best solution. If you can’t pay the full amount, we have several Real Estate Tax relief programs that help you get current.

In the past year, the Owner-Occupied Payment Agreements (OOPA) and the Longtime Owner Occupant Program (LOOP) were expanded to benefit more residents.

Find out more about these programs, review your Real Estate Tax account, or get help:

Even if you missed our notice in the mail, don’t wait to contact us about past due property taxes. Our door is always open.

Photo credit: goingstuckey / Flickr