The new Delinquent Tax Collection Strategy

 Mayor Michael A. Nutter was joined by City officials to announce the Department of Revenue’s new Delinquent Tax Collection Strategy, an aggressive, multifaceted strategy using new technology, analytical capability and strategic staffing to substantially increase delinquent collections. more >>

A new process is in place to collect delinquent taxes.

The City of Philadelphia began a new measure to collect delinquent taxes from City pension benefit recipients. Currently, the City of Philadelphia has 33,000 pensioners and beneficiaries receiving pension benefits. Of that, approximately 2,500 owe $12.9 million to the City in delinquent taxes. The City, through the Revenue Department, is taking a more aggressive approach in attempting to retrieve owed tax monies. . ARTICLE 1

If You Don't Want the Mayor to Come Callin', Pay Up.
If you don't want to be subjected to a sheriff's sale, pay up fast.
Continuing efforts to rein in the city's deadbeat taxpayers, Mayor Nutter stood outside a Northeast Philadelphia podiatry practice Tuesday and demanded that the owner cough up an estimated $114,000 in back taxes and penalties.

"This is not a threat. It's very real, and I'm not playing," Nutter said of his administration's commitment to collecting overdue taxes ... ARTICLE 1

City Scofflaws
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