Enforcement Efforts
Revenue will begin placing Cease and Desist Orders on delinquent businesses. We will not allow these businesses to continue to operate and not pay their fair share.
The City is increasing the number of properties it is bring to Sheriff Sale. Properties are being strategically selected for sale. Properties with unpaid tax bills, water bills or fines/fees can be sent to Sheriff Sale.
Philadelphia is on the forefront of collections with garnishing delinquent taxes from city pension beneficiaries. In just one year $2.7 million was collected from 2,500 pension beneficiaries through payment agreements, payment in full, and pension check withholding.
Philadelphia is increasing its use of collection agencies to collect taxes and water bills owed. Once your bill is overdue, one of our collection agencies will be contacting you.
Any company wishing to do business with the city must be in tax compliance and remain in tax compliance throughout their contract, or they will not be paid. We are expanding this program so that all vendors doing business at large agencies around the city must be in tax compliance in order to be hired. Vendors can check their compliance status online.
All potential city employees must be in compliance with all city financial obligations before being hired. Once hired the Controller can garnish the wages of employees not in tax compliance. $3.8 million has already been collected from employees who have not been tax compliant.
All nominees to Boards and Commissions must be compliant with all city financial obligations. Members are re-checked for compliance throughout their terms.