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Hartranft - 26th Police District

The Hartranft Neighborhood was the first pilot area of where PhillyRising was implemented (formerly known as Public Service Areas). The focus area for this project is located just northeast of Temple University. Over the course of several community meetings beginning in February of 2010, residents outlined a series of hurdles that have prevented their community from returning to its once vibrant state. Since then, the community has driven several positive changes, most notably the reopening of an indoor pool, the opening of a Police Athletic League Center, and two annual health expos dedicated to getting information to residents about healthy living. Working alongside the PhillyRising Team, community members continue to strive to turn their “hood back into a neighborhood.”

Kensington - 24th & 25th Police Districts

Sitting beneath the Market-Frankford line is Kensington, a neighborhood that is full of individuals from diverse backgrounds, a unique business corridor, and a number of churches and schools that keep this community youthful. Although this neighborhood has many positive characteristics, it is also home to several concerns - public safety, a lack of youth engagement opportunities, a number of vacant homes, vacant lots, trash filled alley-ways, and health issues. PhillyRising is excited to work alongside the 24th and 25th Police Districts, residents and other community stakeholders to bring resources that can benefit the community while alleviating the issues that affect this neighborhood.

St Hughs - 25th Police District

St. Hugh's is a neighborhood in the 25th Police District centered on the old St. Hugh's Parrish at Howard & Tioga. It is a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood; however there are still many senior citizens of Eastern European descent in the area. Like many PhillyRising neighborhoods, St. Hugh's has experienced significant problems related to drug sales and drug use. At the same time, there are a number of strong community and religious organizations that have stepped up to become partners with PhillyRising.
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