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Clerk of Quarter Sessions
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The Clerk of Quarter Sessions serves the Criminal Courts of Common Pleas and Municipal Courts, as well as the Juvenile Division of Family Court.  It records, indexes and files all bills of information and transcripts of Municipal Court.

The District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer for the City and County of Philadelphia. By and through her Assistant District Attorneys, Lynne Abraham fights crime by prosecuting criminals and fighting for the rights of victims.

The Office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court accepts and processes filings for the Orphans' Court division of the Court of Common Pleas, operates the Marriage License Bureau, and maintains records of all Orphans' Court matters and marriage licenses.

The First Judicial District (FJD) of Pennsylvania is composed of the three courts which make up the Philadelphia County Court System: the Court of Common Pleas; Municipal Court; and Traffic Court.

The Philadelphia Prison System provides a secure correctional environment that adequately detains persons accused or convicted of illegal acts; offers inmates programs, services, and supervision in a safe, lawful, clean, humane environment; and prepares incarcerated persons for re-entry into society.

The Defender Association of Philadelphia is an independent, non-profit corporation that was created in 1934 by a group of Philadelphia lawyers who were dedicated to the ideal of high quality legal services for indigent criminal defendants. That ideal continues today, as some two hundred and fifteen full time assistant defenders represent approximately seventy percent of all persons arrested in Philadelphia.

The Register of Wills, an elected official, determines whether a document offered for probate should be received as the last Will of the decedent.

The Sheriff is the chief elected Peace Officer of the City and County of Philadelphia, responsible for writs and injunctions.

The Superior Court hears appeals from certain decisions of the courts of common pleas of the Commonwealth.  It iis often the final arbiter of legal disputes in Pennsylvania.

The Supreme Court is, by constitutional definition, Pennsylvania's highest court. In matters of law, it is the Commonwealth's court of last resort. In matters of administration, the Supreme Court is responsible for maintaining a single, integrated judicial system and thus has supervisory authority over all other state courts.


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