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Foster Grandparent


Our mission is to provide leadership that strengthens and coordinates the City's anti-poverty efforts on behalf of its most vulnerable citizens and communities.


Our vision is a diverse, prosperous, and vibrant Philadelphia where all citizens are treated with dignity and respect — a city where the impacts of poverty are acknowledged and action is taken to support those most in need.

The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) is a volunteer program uniting generations and enabling senior citizens to play an active role in a young person's life. The Foster Grandparent Program offers part-time opportunities to senior citizens by providing community service through established organizations. This program, in existence for more than 30 years, provides an opportunity for low-income individuals to serve their community as mentors, tutors and caregivers.

The forty-five year old Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) recruits, trains, and places low-income seniors, ages fifty-five and over, into educational, health, and social service settings to assist special needs children and youth. Foster Grandparents spend time with infants and children in hospitals, schools, day care centers, shelters, and Head Start programs. They tutor in the areas of reading and math, hold and nurture needy babies, comfort children with long term illnesses, and support those who have faced abuse and neglect. Foster Grandparents also specifically target children who are at risk for dropping out of school, working to reverse that life changing decision. Foster Grandparents advise, teach life skills, and give the consistent love and emotional support that every child needs.

The one-on-one daily attention that Foster Grandparents provide stands at the heart of the program. While improving the lives of the children they serve, Foster Grandparents also profoundly enrich their own lives. They help children develop skills, confidence, and the strength to succeed in life. While doing so, they become empowered to make a difference in their communities. Each Foster Grandparent receives a small tax-free stipend to cover the basic costs of their volunteer service. In addition to the stipend, participating volunteers receive transportation assistance, meals when available, and supplemental accident and liability coverage during their service. Each year, the program celebrates its volunteers during an annual recognition ceremony. To prepare for this program, all Foster Grandparents receive forty hours of pre-service orientation and an additional four hours of monthly training.

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