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If shut-off is for non-payment and imminent, you must call us or come into any of our three customer service locations and see a representative to make payment arrangements to stop the shut-off.  

Reasons for Shutoff

Your water and sewer service may be shut off if:

  • Nonpayment - You do not pay your water and sewer bill on time. Before your service is shut off, the Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) will send you one or more of the following notices:
    • Bill Message - A message will be on your bill when your payment is late. When you receive this message, you can either pay the entire amount due or schedule payment arrangements.
    • Shut Off Notice 1 - This is the second notice that will be sent to you. It warns you that your water and sewer services may be shut off if you do not pay your bill.
    • Shut Off Notice 2 - This is the final notice that will be sent to you. It warns you that your water and sewer services will be shut off if payment is not received by the specified date.
  • Non-compliance - You have denied access to the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) for reading or repairing your meter
  • Public Safety - Emergencies or health and safety violations have occurred
  • Fraud - A customer application is found to be based on a false identity or false information

Restoring Water Service

Whenever possible, the Water Department will turn your water and sewer service back on within 24 hours after you have made satisfactory payment or payment plan. This only applies when service is shut off for non-payment.  You must call us or come into one of our three customer service locations when making a payment to restore water service.

Discontinuance of Service for Vacant Property

When you no longer need water and sewer services, you must:
  • Obtain a Discontinuance Permit (D-permit) from the Department of Licenses and Inspections
  • Pay the fee for the Discontinuance Permit. A Discontinuance Permit stops billing of your service charge and usage charge at your property from the date of the permit. You will still be assessed a Stormwater Charge.
  • Once PWD receives the information from L & I, they will come out and remove the water service and remove the meter.
  • The issuance of a D-permit is not a temporary solution for shutting off your water and avoiding service charges. If water service is needed after the discontinuance, a new permit must be obtained, as well as hiring a certified plumber to facilitate the process. This could ultimately result in thousands of dollars of additional expenses incurred by the homeowner.

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