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City of Philadelphia


Business Income and Receipts Tax, Net Profits Tax, School Income Tax, Tobacco Tax, Use and Occupancy Tax, the annual Wage reconciliation, and reporting no tax liability for the wage tax may all be filed online. To file your taxes online you need to have your:
  • Federal Entity Identification Number (EIN) or you Social Security Number (SSN) or Philadelphia Tax Account number; AND 
  • Philadelphia Department of Revenue PIN (personal identification number). 

Your PIN is generated by the City when you register your business online. If you have never used our online system, you will need to go to select "Pin Apply" on the left hand side of our online services screen. If you have received a PIN in the past, you will need to select "Login" on the left hand side of the online service screen, and then "Forgot Pin".

Video Instruction for Online Filing
If you want some additional guidance about our on-line filing system, please access our YouTube videos. Our e-file/e-pay system works with most browsers.

Returns on a Disk (ROAD) Software
Business Income and Receipts, Net Profits, School Income and Wage Reconciliation Tax Returns can be filed electronically by using "ROAD" software. This software is for tax preparers. The program eliminates computation errors and the need for blank tax returns. Payments must be mailed into the office or submitted using our ACH Credit or ACH Debit option. The application must be filled out and sent in to Revenue. If you have any questions about this program please email us.

Having Difficulty Using the E-File Site?
    • For trouble with your PIN, accessing the online site, filing your on-line returns, call: 215-686-6628 or 215-686-6354.
Questions about Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH)?
    • For ROAD questions, call: 215-686-6628, 6582 or 6579. 
Have questions about your account?
    • For general account questions, call: 215-686-6600.
    • For Real Estate Tax questions, call: 215-686-6442

Top Tax FAQs

  • Why did I receive a tax bill or being sued if I no longer operate a business in the city?
  • Can I use a tax preparation software from a vendor, such as Turbo Tax, to prepare my tax returns?
  • I can’t get through on the phone when I call
  • If I have incurred an overall loss and no tax is due, must I file a Net Profits Tax return?
  • I want to start a business in Philadelphia. Which taxes do I have to pay and how do I register?