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Tax Rates

The following lists all individual and business tax rates currently in effect. For all rates, including previous years, download the tax rate schedule (1952 - 2014).
5% of admission charge
Business Income & Receipts
1.415 mills on gross receipts
6.43% on taxable net income
3.92% (Resident)
3.4915% (Non-Resident)
8.5% on amount received for rental of rooms
10% on every retail sale of liquor or malt and brewed beverage 
Mechanical Amusement Device
$100 per device, per year
Net Profits
3.92% (Resident)
3.4915% (Non-Resident)
Outdoor Advertising
7% of the purchase price
20% of gross receipts from all parking transactions
Real Estate
.6018% (City) + .7382% (School) = 1.34% (Total)
Realty Transfer
3% (City) + 1% (Commonwealth of PA) = 4% (Total)
Sales and Use
2.00% (City) + 6.00% (Commonwealth of PA) = 8.00% (Total)
School Income
3.92% on unearned income
Tobacco Tax
$0.036 for individually rolled items, like cigars
$0.36 per pack of rolling papers
$0.36 per ounce of all other tobacco and tobacco-related items
Use and Occupancy
1.13% with a $2,000 annual tax exemption
Valet Parking
20% of gross receipts
Vehicle Rental
2% on amount received for renting a vehicle
3.92% (Resident)
3.4915% (Non-Resident)

Due Dates