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Philly Tree Plan

Vision, mission, and goals

Learn more about our vision, mission, and goals for an urban forest in Philadelphia that meets citywide equity and sustainability goals.


Philadelphia will be home to a resilient and equitably distributed urban forest that helps residents thrive in every neighborhood of our city. Trees on public and private land in the city will be recognized as a vital part of city infrastructure and will provide environmental, social, economic, and health benefits for all present and future Philadelphians.

Our urban forest will be a source of pride for Philadelphians and will inspire advocacy and participation in tree planting and protection throughout the city.


To establish a 10-year strategic plan for the planting and care of the urban forest, guided by values of environmental justice, community engagement, and sustainability.


  • To communicate the social, economic, and ecological value of the urban forest
  • To prioritize equity in service delivery, ensuring that the most vulnerable and underserved communities benefit from a healthy tree canopy
  • To facilitate collaboration and identify clearly defined roles among City agencies, nonprofits, scientists, and engaged residents
  • To plan for the proactive planting and care of our urban forest
  • To identify funding goals and strategies for Philadelphia’s urban forest
  • To propose strong and enforceable public policy for the protection of our city trees
  • To build a culture of trust and collaboration between Philadelphia residents and the institutions that serve our urban forest