PHILADELPHIA – Mayor Kenney signed an executive order updating the City’s policy of processing civilian complaints alleging police misconduct. The new order mandates that, each month, data regarding the most recently processed complaints will be posted online. Previously, members of the public or media requesting to see such files had to view them in person at the Internal Affairs Bureau.

“The release of this data is a common-sense reform that I hope will serve to increase community-police trust,” said Mayor Kenney. “Everyone who works for the City of Philadelphia is a public servant, and the public deserves to know we will take their complaints about any City service seriously. This data will show residents in an easily accessible, online format how the City handles complaints against police officers.”

Specifically, these data sets will include a brief narrative of the complaint, the district in which the complaint occurred, complaint classification, investigative finding, Police Board of Inquiry determination, reference numbers, and any other information determined by the Commissioner or his designee to be appropriate. Certain information will be redacted to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the complaint, examples of which are detailed in the executive order.

This information will be posted online beginning on November 1, 2017. Three previous years of data will also be posted by early 2018.