Philadelphia – Today, the Office of LGBT Affairs announced an open application process for the Commission on LGBT Affairs.  The Commission will be composed of members selected through a rigorous application and review process led by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (which encompasses the Office of LGBT Affairs), the Office of Public Engagement, and the Office of the Mayor.

“In order to fully serve the many needs of the city’s diverse LGBT community, we need an array of voices and perspectives to inform and advise us,” said Mayor Jim Kenney.  “The Commission will provide us a broad, as well as nuanced, view of issues impacting the lives of LGBT residents.”

Mayor Kenney intends to appoint Commission members that will reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, including members who represent the transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, queer, and intersex communities, as well as diversity in ethnicity, religion, race, gender, disability, profession, citizenship status, socioeconomic status, geography, housing status and age.   The Commission will include or consult with experts in relevant fields, such as racial justice, housing, youth development, HIV prevention, mental health, business, law, and policy.

“I look forward to welcoming a diverse group of individuals that will help build the capacity of city government to recognize, address and meet the needs and concerns of all in the LGBT community,” said Nellie Fitzpatrick, Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs.

Members will be appointed as volunteers, and may hold other City appointments but may not be city employees. Key activities of the Commission will include:

  • Advising the Kenney administration on ways to increase LGBT community access to government resources and sharing information with various LGBT communities about relevant government efforts
  • Bringing to the attention of all relevant city agencies vital LGBT community needs and helping those agencies to develop a plan to address them
  • Maintaining regular dialogue with LGBT organizations and individuals outside the Commission or city government, so all voices are heard

The Commission in coordination with the Office of LGBT Affairs will also establish working groups addressing racism in the LGBT community, homeless and housing insecure LGBT youth, and transgender equality, with the goals of identifying new programs for the benefits of LGBT residents living in Philadelphia.

The Office of LGBT Affairs welcomes applications from all interested individuals.  Applicants are encouraged to complete the survey available HERE.  Deadline is November 4, 2016.