In 2010, the Office of Sustainability (OOS) created the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Fund (EESF) to encourage City agencies to reduce their energy consumption. EESF, managed by OOS’ Energy Office, offers funding to departments on a competitive basis to support energy efficiency and sustainability focused projects within existing City-owned facilities whose utility bills are paid for by the City. EESF investments have saved the City approximately $1.7 million to-date in energy costs over the life of the program.

In 2016, EESF was updated to look beyond energy reduction (Vision 3) and return on investment from utility savings projects. It now incorporates additional sustainability goals envisioned in Greenworks, such as increased occupancy comfort, indoor air quality (Vision 2), waste diversion (Vision 7), and climate resiliency (Vision 4), while educating and engaging municipal employees on sustainable practices (Vision 8).

The most recently completed project funded by EESF was at the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Engine 69. This project, in partnership with the Department of Public Property, took advantage of a previously planned renovation. The Energy Office was able to fund LED lighting throughout the firehouse, saving them an estimated 30,000 kWh or $3,000 annually off of their utility bill. Additional savings for this project come in the form of rebates from PECO’s Smart Ideas program. (Interested in doing something similar in your home or business? Check out our Greenworks On The Ground checklist.)

Fire Trucks from Engine 69

Energy savings is not the only thing gained from this project, however. Other co-benefits include increased occupancy comfort (through better lighting quality), reduced facility maintenance (since the LED fixtures last up to 25 years), and increased security (due to additional external lighting). Be sure to check back to our blog for future EESF project updates.