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Commissions and councils

Learn about the work of the Philadelphia Environmental Justice Advisory Commission and the Food Policy Advisory Council.

Philadelphia Environmental Justice Advisory Commission

The Philadelphia Environmental Justice Advisory Commission (PEJAC) works to ensure that all Philadelphia residents have a livable community, free of environmental toxins and hazards. This means:

  • Clean air, land, and water
  • Healthy, fresh, and culturally appropriate foods
  • Homes, jobs, and neighborhoods free from pollutants and toxins
  • Communities that are resilient to the impacts of climate change, such as flooding and extreme heat

PEJAC emphasizes leadership and input by those most affected by environmental injustice, like lower-wealth communities and communities of color.

The commission consists of Philadelphia residents who provide recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, and City agencies:

Radika Bhaskar

Paul Devine Bottone

Mariel Diana Featherstone

Ebony Griffin-Guerrier

Joyce Lee

Su Ly

Carolyn Moseley

Kermit O

Gabriella Gabriel Paez

Syreeta Thomas


For more information, email

Food Policy Advisory Council

The Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC) brings residents together to create a more just food system.

FPAC is working to:

  • Remove the barriers in our food system that keep us from taking charge of our food, land, and labor.
  • Promote FPAC leadership by Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor, and marginalized people.
  • Change policies that uphold white supremacy and oppression in our food system.

The Office of Sustainability houses FPAC by fundraising, managing staff, and securing resources. For more information, visit FPAC’s website.