In our bid to Amazon, we said Philadelphia is in the “Goldilocks zone” for Amazon. The Goldilocks zone is what scientists call planets like ours that are neither too hot, nor too cold, to support life.

Just right!

I believe Philadelphia has all of the key ingredients Amazon needs to support its long-term growth. We are located strategically on the Northeast corridor, our talent pool is vast — and we all know this — Philadelphia is an awesome place to live, at an affordable price.

We’ve submitted our bid to Amazon, and now we’re going to continue building off of the great work people across Philadelphia have done to strengthen our business and attraction efforts.

I wanted to make sure you saw the video and website we put together:

I’m excited by the prospect of Amazon, but more than that, I’m so proud of all the people and businesses that currently call Philadelphia home.

Over and over again I heard from people about our city’s momentum. The best part about this bid was having the chance to celebrate what makes Philadelphia such a great place to live.

None of this would be possible without people like you — people who care so passionately about our city and who work so hard every day to make it a better place for all who live here.

Recently, Philadelphians wrote why they love Philadelphia on a chalkboard in Dilworth Park — why Philly delivers for them.

I wrote, “T.S.O.P.” I love our city’s contributions to American, and world, culture — musically and otherwise.

Mayor Kenney looks at a chalkboard in Dilworth Park. Dozens of different people wrote on the chalkboard why they love Philadelphia.

Along with my submission, across the chalkboard, I saw things like: awesome people; the love; street musicians; beer gardens; good food; Mural Arts; an eager Millennial workforce; affordable housing; and, a great place to raise kids and have a family.

I am so proud of our city.

And, it’s clear that you are, too.

What do you love about Philadelphia? Let us know how #PhillyDelivers for you on Twitter!