On May 17th, Mayor Kenney visited the Tustin Playground along with Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr., Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell and Rebuild Executive Director Nicole Westerman.

Mayor Kenney visit Tustin Playground

The Mayor & officials toured the recreation facility, which includes a baseball field, pool, sports field and two basketball courts, and spoke to community members. The facility offers year-round afterschool, sports, fitness and performing arts programming.

Mayor Kenney visit Tustin Playground

Empty swimming pool at Tustin Playground.During the visit, local youth showed off their jungle gym climbing and dancing skills, and their work in the computer lab.

Kids play on jungle gym as Mayor Kenney visits Tustin Playground

Mayor Kenney visits Tustin Playground.

The tour showed many of the improvements needed at the site, including a total plumbing restoration and bathroom overhaul, new floors, windows and doors, new playground equipment, and repairs to the fence, in addition to making the facility ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Recreation centers like Tustin are examples of why Rebuild, a $500 million investment in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods to improve our libraries, rec centers, and parks, is so important for our communities. These investments, made possible by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, are crucial in helping our youth and communities succeed.

Want to learn more about Rebuild — or do you want to get involved? Join the team at rebuild.phila.gov!